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Schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, generate complete reports and reply messages, all in one platform.

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Social Media Management Dashboard

Etus is a professional tool that provides management tools for social networks with the scheduling of publications, complete comments and SACs for Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, helping our servers increase their digital forecasts and results within social networks and even gain more time to focus on other issues.

Through Etus you can manage and schedule publications on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and                                      Twitter, generate complete reports and reply comments and Inbox or Direct with just one click.

Agendamento Instagram

For Agencies

With economic plans, manage all the social networks of your customers, and assigning users to each account was easy.

For Companies

Perfect for you businessman who in addition to looking after sales, financial and employees still need to find time to manage their social networks.

For People

Digital Influencer, Press Advisor, Musician, Blogger or Vloguer manage all your social networks on just one platform.


We specialize in making people fall in love with our suite of solutions.


Scheduling of stories, multiple images, GIFs, videos, links or 360 images, with texts different time days for each social network.

Save post as draft, repost system, location, signature and seasonal calendar are just a few of the many tools available!

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Create seamless custom reports from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with just one click.

The best reports of the day and the best time to publish, export in PDF and much more!

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Reply direct or inbox from Instagram Facebook and Twitter all in one inbox.

Reply to comments and interact with your audience, keep your box always zeroed with this tool

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And more !

Watermark (logo) in all publications automatically, APP for IOS and Android, Unlimited users, access to timeline for editing of posts and response of comments. Visualization of GRID schedules like in Instagram and much more.


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